Harry Imamura Sensei

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Karate Training and Certifications

  • 1992 ~1998: Started training in Shotokan Karate and Shito-ryu Karate in Japan under Sato Sensei  (Shotokan) and Miyuki Sensei ( Shito-ryu, last 2 years in Japan)
  • December 1999 ~ present: Continued training in Shotokan under Sensei Al McGaughey in Fremont California.
  • July 2000: Achieved Shotokan Shodan rank (First Degree Black Belt) under Sensei Al McGaughey at Pine Waves Karate Academy.
  • November 2002: Achieved  Nidan with Sensei Al McGaughey at Pine Waves Karate Academy.
  • June 2006: Achieved Sandan with the International Society of Okinawan / Japanese Karate-Do.
  • May 2007: Achieved  Yondan with the Shinkyu Shotokan Karate dojo.
  • May 2016: Achieved Godan with Fremont Shotokan Karate.
  • May 2016: Achieved Godan with the Northern California Karate Kobudo Association.


USANKF Championship and Junior Olympics tryouts:

  • 2001 Texas - Silver medalist in sparring
  • 2002 West Virginia - Gold medalist and USA national champion in kumite (sparring) and  silver medalist in kata (form)
  • 2003 San Jose California - Gold medalist and USA national champion for both kumite (sparring) and kata (form)
  • 2004 New Orleans - Gold medalist and USA national champion in kata (form) and silver medalist in kumite (sparring)

Local tournaments

1999 ~ 2004 - Placed in all state and local tournaments entered, mostly gold medals and some silver medals

Referee Certifications

USANKF certified judge