About Us

Our mission is to train students in karate, which is a highly effective self-defense system that also enhances emotional self-control; improves concentration skills; increases physical and mental fitness; and provides stress reduction and increased confidence. We are dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan karate, which is one of the most effective and popular martial arts in the world. We try hard to keep training simple and fun and to provide a challenging and positive experience for all of our students.


History of the Fremont Shotokan Karate Dojo

The Fremont Shotokan Karate dojo was established in 2006 by the following senior instructors:
  • Sensei Bernardo Mercado
  • Sensei Harry Imamura
  • Sensei Alan McGaughey


Our Senior Instructors

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Bernardo Mercado Sensei (7th Dan)
Harry Imamura Sensei (5th Dan)


Our Assistant Instructors

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Kevin Little Sensei
Naomi Applebaum Senpai
Carl Menache Senpai
Talila Golan Senpai
Steve Murdoch Senpai


Ranking System